Friday Program 2012

On Friday April 13, 2012, come and join us for an evening of entertainment from around the world.

Your MC – Jess Abrahamson

We thank Jess for her great support of the World Festival throughout the years!

For your entertainment before the show in the lobby please enjoy the music of Andrea White, singer-songwriter and guitarist!

Rochester Caledonian Pipe Band

Traditional Scottish Highland pipes and Drums

RCTC World Drum Ensemble

Percussion set of Brazilian Sambas.

The group focuses on music of the African Diaspora such as Afro-Brazilian, Afro-Caribbean and West African percussion traditions. Performers: Madison Adams, Scott Arndt, Sally Corbett, Hector Cortes, Michael DuBois, Orley Francois, Emily Groteboer, Chelsi Igel, Wail Kailani, Glenn Marshall, Donovan O’Gorman, Dean Proctor, Derek Sobek, Noah Swancutt, Joe Traff, Mike Wilson with special guests Jamie Groth and Kyle Truex

Rochester Vietnamese Community

Traditional Vietnamese Dance

Performers: Teresa, Quynh, Uyen, susan, Thien Ly, Nhung, Huyen, Sari, Phuong, Nancy

Rochester Chinese School Dance – “A Great Start”

As the New Year arrives, kids are singing and dancing with warm wishes for the great start of the New Year!

Choreography: Ying Li

Performers: Cindy Xu, Venus Yang, Juliann Yao, Shari Liu, Sabrina Luu, Happy, Zoey Chen, Allen Hu, Alice Hu, Katherine Ji, Alice Ji, Katherine Zhu, Michel Zhang, June Dong, Cindy Han, Marissa Ding, Serena Yang, Emily Ren, Emma Luo, Kylie Meng, Maggie Hu, Christine Yao, Clara Xu, Anna Sun, Wendy Sun, Anna Wang, Amy Wang

Sudanese dance and wedding costume

Phil Am Society  – “Tinikling Dance”

Tinikling the most popular and well known Philippine dance and honored as the Philippine national dance. It involves two people hitting poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with one or more dancers, who step over and in between the poles in a dance.  It originated in Leyte among the Visayan islands in the central Philippines as an imitation of the “tikling” bird.

Performers: Gracelynne Jones, Kyle Pido

Rochester Chinese School – “Fan Dance”

The Chinese fan was originally a part of traditional Chinese folk dance. Our beautiful girls show you a brand new fan dance with a combination of traditional and modern techniques.

Choreographer: Ying Li

Performers: Lisa Fu, Jinhong Dong, Jessica He, Nancy Huang, Michelle Mai, Rachel Zhang

Riya Madan – “Discowale Khisko”

This is a folk dance from the state of Punjab in northern India. Riya is a senior at Century High School. She has been dancing and performing since the age of five.

Rochester Chinese School – Zhen Ren

Solos on the “Erhu”: “Heaven Road” and “Delivering Grains”

Cambodian Dancers

“The Coconut Dance”  This dance honors the importance of the coconut fruit to the Cambodian people. As the fruit is a source of life, the scenes tell a story of courtship between Cambodian men and women.

“ The Flute Dance” – This dance honors the creation of the Cambodian instrument the “Gane”, which is seven flutes tied together. The dance tells the story of seven brothers, who were flute performers and the younges brother being the one, who created the instrument.

Rochester Chinese School – “Happy Angel”

Children are innocent and energetic – the dancers are coming to us with vibrant paces.

Choreographer: Ying Li

Peformers: Michel Zhang, June Dong, Cindy Han, Marissa Ding, Serena Yang, Emily ren, Emma Luo, Kylie Meng, Maggie Hu, Christine Yaho, Clara Xu, Anna Sun, Wendy Sun, Anna Wang, Amy Wang

Bosnian Dance by United BiH

Traditional Bosnian folk dance called “Kolo”

Performers: Belma, Berina, Ermina, Selma, Sabina D, Elmina I, Sabina H

Rochester International Dance Studio

Shaia Dance Collective :

“Raks Assaya” a traditional cane dance from Egypt; “Bell Arabi” by Saad. Choreography: Laura Ehling

Performers: Layla, Kybele, Ariana, Amara, Tirza

Twisted Luna Tribal:

This dance performed to “Magreb” is an eclectic fusion of several styles of dance including Middle Eastern Dance, Flamenco and Western dance. The performance is a group improvisation. Each dancer takes turns leading and the other dancers follow. Because it is improvisation, each dance is unique and even the dancers don’t know what will be performed until they are in the process of dancing.

Performers: Terri Allred, Patti Chiarini, Amber Frank and guest Andrea Streyle

Talent Show Director:  Terri Allred