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Core Values

RIA strives to be non-partisan and non-denominational. We welcome all people who believe in the importance of cultural diversity and provide opportunities for multicultural education and exchange. We don’t care what political party or what religion you belong to if you agree with our core values. In fact, we are actively seeking participation from people who, while believing in our core values, represent a wide range of political parties and religions. One thing, however: We are against hate, we are against racism and bigotry, and we are against violence and terrorism.

Can anybody post a comment?

Yes. Please do. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the discussion on this site. Comments are owned by the poster. You should provide your valid e-mail address when leaving comments; this e-mail address will not be sold or provided to spammers. However we reserve the right to moderate the comments to keep out spam, pornography, hateful speech, and any inflammatory or inappropriate comments.


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