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Friday Evening World Talent Show

Place: Mayo High School Auditorium
When: Friday, April 11, 7pm
Artistic Director and Master of Ceremonies: John Berquist


  • Scottish Bagpiper, Christopher Kennedy
  • RCTC World Drum Group– Cuban Samba, conducted by Denny McGuire
  • Colombian Roots: 2 dances
    Juan Carlos Ramirez, Diego Luengas, Diana Kurman, Carolina Amador
  • Suzuki Violin group,
    Three Chinese Folk Songs:
    It’s Getting Dark
    Plum Blossoms in the Spring Snow
    Lift up Your Veil
    Violins – Corin Blazing, Miriam Eide, Emily Fleming, Anne Haugen,
    Sarah Juhn, Elden Lai, Hannah Lai, Mareyuna Lukasak, Emily Wu
    Flute – Irissa Hubka
  • Ghoomar. a folk dance from the state of Rajasthan, India,
    performed by Riyah Madan
  • Berne SwissFest Alpenhorns
    Colleen Herzog, Susan Schuck, Daryl Thompson
  • Heidi Dance Group
    2 Swiss Dances: D’Hammerschmiedsgselin, LaFaira Da Sent.
    Morgan Coy, Wyatt Coy, Jacob Glarner, Alexa Nash, Luke Nash,
    Adam Herzog, Hayden Herzog, Rebecca Herzog.
  • Filipino Dances Curacha, Jota Mocadena
    Marissa Punyawai, Yasmin Kunze, Mila Schellhammer, Erika Anes,
    Raquel Gosman, Hiyas Quell, Rizza Carreon, May Punyawai
  • Chinese Dance Troop,
    3 dances: WaHaHa, Ribbon Dance, Black Hair Swinging
  • Zhen Ren, erhu, tradtional Chinese music
  • Raas Dance from Gujarat, India
    Prerana Bhatia, Anne Barlow, Patrick Mader, Andrew Weckwerth,
    Shruthi Murali, and Shweta Chhugani.
  • Jose Campos Guitar trio, 3 Mexican songs
  • Admisson is $8 for adults, $4 for students and children, $20 for a family pass. There will be a reception after the show to meet the performers.