Welcome to a new year with RIA

by riamn. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

We have a new board and new energy to go ahead with this year.

Our new board is as follows:

President – Herta Matteson
Vice President – Nelpha Malibago
Secretary – Greg Sauve
Treasurer – Ann Lance
Tech Support – Thomas Yung
World Festival Chair – Terri Allred

Board members:

George Margellos, Nazma Hoque, Shilpa Singh, Trina Young, Sushital Chowdhury, John Berquist, Zhen Ren
Advisor to the Board – Phyllis Layton

We will have our 35-year anniversary for the World Festival in 2011 – the 36th time it takes place! It started as a Bicentennial one-time event and see what happened. We invite everybody in the community to be part of it in one way or another to celebrate the many different cultures we all bring to our city. Please contact Herta Matteson or Terri Allred if you want to be part of this great event.

Please check our events calendar for our monthly International Speakers luncheons. They take place the 2nd Wednesday of each month, 11:45 am at the YMCA. If you want to suggest somebody or present something yourself with international viewpoint, please contact Herta Matteson. We always look for new and interesting subjects.

For our international friends we have a Thanksgiving Dinner, donated by Fred Regal and his family, on Thanksgiving Day. It is a lovely get-together to introduce a real American holiday.

If you have anything that has an international or multicultural outlook, never hesitate to contact us. We are happy to work with you.

We invite everybody to be part of the Rochester International Association and its programs. Don’t forget to check our calendar for what’s going on.

Herta Matteson
RIA President