Peace Lantern Floating Ceremony, Aug 5, 6:30pm

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Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki Aug. 1945.

Gather to make lanterns. Kits and instructions for making lantern will be provided.

Location: East Picnic Shelter at Silver Lake
7:30pm: Ceremony and Lantern floating at sunset

SPEAKERS: Mayor Ardell Brede, Mark Nunberg, Guiding Teacher of Common Ground (Meditation Center in Minneapolis) & Mirja P. Hanson, Honorary Consul General of Japan

MUSIC: Campfire II, Omni Drummers

As it enters Hiroshima, the Ohta River splits into six fingers. It was to these waters that tens of thousands fled seeking shelter from the flames of the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945. It is here each August that people gather, as they do in Nagasaki three days later, to float lanterns and to remember: never again.

In Rochester we remember those days to remind ourselves of what we are capable of doing. Nuclear weapons are capable of destroying the world’s civilization. We are capable of preventing that destruction. We gather to remind ourselves that the choice is ours.

Everyone is welcome!!