2006 Mexican New Year celebration, March 3-4

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2nd annual MeXica New Year Celebration will be held…

  • Friday March 3rd Overnight Vigil of Songs (9pm-4am)
  • Saturday March 4th Dance Ceremony (Noon-ish-Five-ish)
  • Where: 4H Building, Rochester, MN

    As many cultures of their time, Mexicans viewed the coming of spring as a natural cycle of beginning. Most ceremonies of this tradition have two parts: one is a vigil where participants sing songs and tie flowers, the other is the actual dance circle. For many, the event is extremely spiritual where the individual commits to a metaphorical re-birthing through staying awake, fasting and physical exercise through dancing. Many of the elements involved are symbols of new life. The Aztec Dance group will be joined by dancers from across the nation and Mexico.

    Volunteers are needed! If you are interested, please sign up at the United Way.