Community News and Events for January 2012

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Mentor needed

I am sending out a request for help in locating a mentor for a wonderful High School Senior that is going to major in International Business. She has already pursued three local mentors and all have fallen through. Her emphasis in her college career will be International Business, though her mentorship doesn’t need to be specifically in that area. She has experience tutoring, is self-motivated and extremely pleasant and easy to work with, reads Spanish, is conversational in French, is studying Arabic, Greek and Latin. Her goal is to get into Yale. She is needing a commitment before the end of the semester on January 23rd. The project she need to work on with a mentor will need to take a minimum of 60 hours or thereabouts. If you are willing to discuss the possibility with her or know someone that can help, please let me know ASAP and let me know how you wish to communicate with her initially. Phone, email or personal interview. She is willing to communicate online if necessary for all projects and conversation if she cannot find someone locally. I will work with our tech support to see if we can Skype here at Century High School. Thank you for your consideration, I really appreciate it!
~Leslie McGillivray Rivas (Century Library Media Center 507-328-5097)

Vietnamese New Years